Unoa EreJapan Co., Ltd.
operating officer
Kazuyo Sekine
Shibuya, Shibuya, Shibuya, Shibuya, Tokyo, Shibuya World East 3F
Phone number
Fax Number
email address
Non-Products Require Proceeds
Customers who purchase more than 5,400 yen in tax, shipping costs for free.
Customers who purchase less than 5,400 yen in tax, shipping charges: 650 yen in uniform nationwide
*We have not sent any overseas shipments.Please accept.

Substituto Fee
Customer to buy more than 5,400 yen in tax: Fee for free
Customers who purchase less than 5,400 yen in tax, fee: 350 yen
Order Method
We will receive the order by our online store.
Payment method
credit card
Cash for delivery (cash only)
payment due date
Payment methods and the provisions of each card company are to be used.
Time of delivery
We will arrange the delivery of the order within two business days from the date of application.
About the return and exchange
The order is not available for return or cancellation in principle, except for the product defects and the products of the wrong shipment.For more information on other cases, please contact us.

Toll Free: 0120-009-488
E-mail: cartmanagement@unoaerre.jp

We take full care of the quality control of our products, but if there is any deficiency in the product, and if the goods are damaged at the time of receipt, or when goods are received from different orders, we will exchange goods at the expense of the shipping company.We are going to collect your merchandise when we deliver the merchandise for the exchange.If the replacement is not available, the customer has paid the full amount of the goods, including the shipping charges and fees.